All parts of the installation should be in good condition. Anything, which is found to be faulty, must be attended on priority with special attention to flexible hoses.

All nuts and bolts should be tightened at least once in a month using a proper spanner.

Aarti Flames offers multiple under mentioned services to its clients under one roof. This minimizes the problems regarding co-ordination and thus cuts down on the project implementation time ensuring efficient budgetary control.

  • All valves should be closed  when the equipment is not in use.
  • Any equipment, which is being used, should not be left unattended.
  • Safety Caps should always be available on cylinders.
  • Adequate fire fighting equipment should be available near the cylinder banks.
  • All the cylinders filled or empty must be kept connected with the manifold

LPG manifolds have to be protected from Sun, Rain & Fire as such they have to be housed in a fire resistant cage made out of steel sheets having pressed steel doors with ground level ventilation, covered with two layers of wire mesh having 25 mesh per linear inch.



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